Fast Track Philosophy

Performance is an art and therefore extremely difficult to judge. You can spend months and years honing your performance skills – this is your expression – there is only place for constructive feedback and no place for negative criticism.

With this in mind the FAST TRACK SINGING AND TALENT SHOWCASES invite performers of all kinds and all levels of talent and experience, to participate in the events – with the idea of creating an encouraging performance environment, positive networking experience, and an opportunity to rise above the rest and win huge prizes for everyone involved. Fast Track brings like minded people together to celebrate the gift of performing.

It is the organiser’s objective to create an amazing performance environment. Fast Track will provide artist with regular opportunities to perform and grow over the showcases. Organisers consider this a personal development program which will prove invaluable to those who make the most of it.

If you want a career in the performing arts, or just want an amazing performance opportunity, you will want to be a part of FAST TRACK!!